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I am here to Empower people over 60 to get stronger than the Fear of Falling Down.

Think of me like I'm your Yoda in the swamp, teaching you to use the Force... but conveniently, I'm in your pocket.

We use the Shama Strength training app and stay well connected to move forward together

and get after your personal health and fitness goals!

I currently offer individually tailored online coaching services for workouts, recovery, basic nutrition, and mindset coaching to reach your strength goals.

If you follow my advice and work hard each and every workout, then I am entirely confident that you will reach your goals. 


Click right here to arrange a free 30 minute call today,

and let’s start working towards your goals!

Online Training

A Healthier, Happier You

Need advice on your current training? How to design your own workouts? We can always arrange a phone call to connect for an hour or so. Let's get you started building the strength you are capable of, no matter where you're starting from.

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