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“I’ve never had such a quick return on an investment as with training under Simon… I feel wonderfully supported in this journey with Simon. The coaching has made such a big difference… in the way I feel, the way I look and my ability to just stay happy. Not only is Simon a good friend, but he keeps me accountable. Seek him out. I’m sure you’re going to love it.”

Dorota, 54, Toronto 


“Simon’s depth of knowledge and application to training is amazing! His approach is both inspirational (he practices what he preaches) and confidence building. Through his motivation and coaching I can now see that I can continue to progress my training and keep getting better even at 47 years old. His ability to listen and generate a bespoke program based around my goals has been very helpful. His communication is excellent and he always helps with constructive feedback.

 I wish I had met him years ago!”

Joe, 47, London


“This is so good. And I really appreciate it.  I wanted to do something for my body. And having you walk me through it and doing it together feels totally wonderful. I was always feeling challenged by it but this feels wonderful what we are doing here”

Elizabeth, 72, Seattle

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"I used to crawl in and out of the bath tub for fear I would slip and hurt myself. Now, several months into my training I step in and out knowing and trusting the strength in my body. I'm not scared at all now!"

Leslie, 73, New Mexico

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